Hello everyone !

Today i started to produce a sheep for tornado Sharks VR.

i started by doing a video live in facebook, but the quality is so bad, i prefer o skip it for this time.. i  need to get back my computer to create more complex stuff and especially open multiple windows (more than 2 would be nice…)

so here is the workflow for this piece:

Sculptris for the model High poly

3Dcoat for the retopology and texturing process (also Unwrapping of course)

3dsmax to export as fbx and check everything

Unity to play with Hair Shaders
Maybe some Photoshop works for the additionnal maps, but it can be done inside 3dcoat

Some tests in 3dsmax playing with one of my plugins for Hairs

and finally a final render into Marmoset viewer to play with SubSurface Scatering shader ! 🙂


Hope you’ll like it !

the first step is here :

And after the whole day working on the retopology, unwrapping and texturing, i finally get this result:

And do you know what ?!
i totally forgot to make the horns !!!

lets go back to sculptris tomorow to make them, so i can make different species of sheep simply by changing the horns, and maybe the diffuse map + Hairs and fur.

final render made in Marmoset: