Les Oculus Rift commandées au moi d’avril sont arrivées !! enfin ! on va pouvoir profiter de ce matériel pour vous faire tester de nouvelles idées de jeux et vous faire vivre de nouvelles aventures ! découvrez avec moi la réception de ce colis du futur !

Ketch’Up & May’O is doing alot of tests around design to provide best experience for players so they can have a lot of fun and accomplish subquests wich will influe of the end of the game. Integrating the first path, randomly generated ! The technic looks good and i espect it will really fit my […]

  The development of the game is started again ! it has been a long time of silence during the last year to work on Repliques de Films, and now that the project is closed, the time to focus on Ketch’Up & May’O is back ! It’s a real pleasure to take them again and […]